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Save Big on Your Next Flooring Project with Laminate Flooring

With its high durability, maintainability, and easy installation laminate flooring is great for those looking for a high performance affordable flooring solution. Laminate flooring can also simulate many different textures and styles. Because of this, laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity. Laminate floors can replicate types of wood that would normally be too fragile for everyday use. They have wood-grain like appearance and the planks are the same size and shape as wood floor planks, making them a great substitute for hardwood.

How it's Made

Designed to be durable and affordable, laminate is constructed with 4 components or layers. Laminate starts with the backing, or balancing, layer which stabilizes the floor and resists moisture. Next, there is a substrate, or core, layer that is made of a medium-density or high-density fiberboard that is water resistant. The layer that gives the floor its realistic appearance, is called the pattern layer which consist of a photograph. Finally a top protective layer, called the wear layer is applied. It is made of an aluminum oxide clear coat helps prevent moisture penetration. This layer is makes the laminate flooring easy to clean and stain resistant.

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